Finals of the Planai Video Battle – presented by The Chillhouse Bali

The Battle is decided!

The first place and thus the Bali trip from The Chillhouse Bali hits: MUD SPENCER & HILL ENDURANCE! Wolfgang Shibby Leitner, Simon Hofstädter and their editor Manuel Pliem could bring victory to the Salzkammergut! Second place went to the Kontiki crew (Alex Kurz / Shorty, Kevin Frisch, Liam Joyce) and third place collared the Dirty Hippies (Fabian Ulrich, Alexander Simonlehner and Alwin Strasser)! The second and third place was pleased with a helmet of Bell!

Our Judges Gloria Schnopfhagen, Stevie Schneider, Erich Wieland and Martin Riegler had a hard desicion. They judged categories like: Style and Flow of the Rider also editing, sound and quality of the edit.

We thank The Chillhouse Bali and BELL for their generous support, the judges and especially all participants!


Here is the Winner-Edit:

MUD SPENCER x ENDURANCE HILL from manuel pliem on Vimeo.

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