PLANAI VIDEO BATTLE – powered by The Chillhouse Bali

On the weekend of August 18st till 21rd 2016, the “Planai Video Battle” powered by The Chillhouse Bali, the first video competition in Bikepark Planai, is going to take place. All participating crews are challenged to collect their footage for one weekend and only along the trails of the Bikepark Planai, and to present their cut to the jury. The top 3 crews will then be facing off in an online voting and will be screened at the prize giving ceremony on a big screen in Schladming.

Info Planai Video Battle: bekanntgeben!

“>All who want to participate, please send your crew names and participants announce at!

Its allowed to film only from Thu 18th to Sun 21st August at the Bike Park Planai and the final video (link) has been submitted to Alpreif until Thu August 25th. (Identical to the email address above)

A crew consits of 3 persons (for example: 2 riders and 1 Filmer, or 1 Rider and 2 Filmer, or 3 riders who filmed each other)

Video length and style are free, it just like the voting up!

Further information:
This event is not affiliated with Facebook! Members are those crews who have submitted their video via online linkuntil 25th August 2016 at 24h. The video with the most Facebook “likes” will win on the facebook posting of BikeparkSchladming Facebook page. The voting runs from 26/08/2016 8 am to 02/09/2016 24pm and the 3 edits with the most likes get into a judgeing-round where we find out whos gonna get the first, second and third place. This competition is organized by Alpreif GmbH, as operator of the Bike Park Planai.
Participants agree that their material submitted may be published on Facebook and beyond.



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