Bikepark Planai

1.000m descent with pure adrenalin!

varied track experience!

The Bikepark Planai offers a wide range of possibilities and variations, challenging enough for all bicycle maniacs. The start is positioned at 1839 meters ASL and can be accessed with the Planai gondola. You can then choose from a staggering 12 km different trails which send you down on varying difficulty levels:

  • Rookie Trail (top station): offers tight bends and low gradients. The ideal terrain also for beginners.
  • Biker Cross (final slope): delicately shaped jumps, rollers and banked runs.
  • Flowline (starting at the mid station):  a graveled slope with numerous easy obstacles. These include tables, small step-ups and step-downs as well as wooden Northshore trails and drops.
  • Jack Lumber Trail: Jack Lumber is the first Northshore trail in the Bikepark and is wrapped around a massive rock a few meters above the ground. It should only be ridden by experienced bikers because you might risk a heavy fall.
  • Dirtpark: here you can get some AIRTIME. The Dirtpark offer both beginners and pros the chance to enhance their style.
  • Downhill track Pro: Austrias longest downhill track on the Planai is a true legend. It starts at 1830 meters ASL and can be accessed via the Planai gondola. From there, you can ride down through beautiful natural surroundings; pass the reservoir lake till you finally reach the mid station at 1325m ASL, where you are provided with a washing station and the basic tools.
  • Downhill track Worldcup: Top to bottom – here you can ride on the trail of Gee Atherton, Sam Hill and Lapierre rider Sam Blenkinsop, who have all been able to win a World Cup race on the Planai. It’s not for the faint-hearted.
  • Downhill Advanced: The downhill advanced track was built along the former world cup downhill ride and is an excellent way of bypassing the difficult passages.
  • Pumptrack: is a circuit specifically designed to gain speed and keep it up without pedaling, just using a dynamic riding style, and thus improving your technique lap by lap. It’s the perfect place to get fully exhausted after a couple of downhill rides.
  • Freeride Tracks with Singletrails
  • Kiddy Superpark: specially designed for kids and beginners to enjoy themselves on the wave track. The integrated training features provide a good preparation to go into the Bikepark terrain afterwards.
  • Fairy Tail: An easy route with a moderate slope, which is perfect for families.



You don’t have a bike or the right safety equipment? Don’t worry – the Alpreif Bikecenter in the finish area provides bikers with all their necessities and also serves as a guiding point which offers assistance and support.